ICT Consulting & Development

Analysing integration needs for database driven business & technical applications. Developing web based solutions, management and reporting tools

Data integration & custom web based databases

Scattered information

All those Excel files, misused as "databases". Always locked whenever you need to change something. So you make an extra copy. Before you know it, there are several versions to be found. No one knows which one is the most recent.
Someone in the company knows Access, creates a database, but it's not really meant to be used by many simultaneous users and... what was that password again?

Developing integrated web based line-of-business databases can easily solve these frustrations.

Linking new and existing databases

Users are often forced to remember different usernames and passwords. The same user data is entered over and over again, leading to typo's and inconsistent data.

Using centralised user authentication and - if possible - authorization in the cloud or on premises provides for better control and a single sign-on experience for the users.
Live updating and syncing different databases has become easier using the latest technologies.

Technical software development

Messaging applications

All too often, communication systems (Telephony, DECT, Mobile, ...) remain an isolated environment in the existing IT user infrastructure.

Custom interface development and database integration with these systems can enhance the messaging and alerting possibilities for the users.

Building management systems

Controlling and interfacing with technical facilities in a building can be an asset to comfort and security.

We develop custom controllers to major domotics systems (KNX, Luxom, ...) with all the necessary web management and report tools.

Network & infrastructure analyses

Safe and manageable working environment

Analysing the needs for a manageable firewall and anti-virus protected network. Be it small scale with a NAS and Cloud services or a large scale cloud or on-premises server infrastructure (Hyper-V, Remote Desktop Services, ...)